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The Darling Suns is an indie rock band based out of Chicago, Il. The music is a collaboration of every mind in the group yet, centered around the songwriting of the lead singer Robert Krause and the instrumentation of lead guitarist John Stenger. The band formed in early 2017 and quickly garnered a following opening many notable shows in the area. With haunting yet beautiful lyrics about love, loss, heartbreak, and the optimism of romance, the upbeat rock and folk melodies around them become a defiant and powerful way of delivering a message to a captivated audience. The band released their self-titled EP in 2018 and more recently released their first full length record in August of 2019 with an east coast tour & vinyl release to support it.

“The band members of The Darling Suns have been working hard on a new album, due out later this summer, but the band has been dropping tastes of what’s to come. The Darling Suns‘ newest single “Loving You,” out Friday, is a swinging summer song that dances within the band’s signature folk-inspired indie rock sound — built around Rob Krause’s upbeat but emotionally charged vocals and strengthened through Lindsey Ward’s violin and John Stenger’s jack-of-all-trades performances with guitar, synth and dynamic backing harmonies. But if you’re paying attention, you’ll notice some darkness creeping in around the edges, signs of the band’s new direction for the upcoming release.”

- Brian Shamie Daily Herald / Chicago Sound Check

“It's a melancholy ode to experiencing love and heartbreak and existence through exciting, folky riffs and a backdrop of indie-rock with violin strung throughout. There's not much else like it in the local scene… "Midnight Feelings" is a record capable of touching lives, tugging on heart strings and giving you those midnight feelings.”

- Eden Bunna LOCAL LOVE!